Chief & Council

The SXFN council began this term in October, 2020. Although it’s been an interesting few years, with remote working due to the global pandemic, the council has still managed to work on a number of projects. A list of council goals was agreed upon at the start of the term.


Councils Goals:

Community Wellness: SXFN will be a safe and healthy community where citizens are using holistic practices for emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Communication: Every employee and community member is aware of our actions and future goals, participates at community meetings to provide feedback and input.

Economic Development: We will have diverse business ventures that are profitable, sustainable, match community values, provide employment opportunities, capitalizing on partnerships and investment contributing to the community economy.

Infrastructure: We have sustainable funding and the plan to construct and maintain safe and healthy buildings to Provincial standards, water, sewer, and technology systems to maximize cost effectiveness and efficiencies.

Building Capacity: We have built our capacity that enables our citizens to choose careers they want, recognizing both traditional and western knowledge; we will provide the resources to achieve their goals and inspire the desire to return home to continue this success.

Self-Government: To achieve reconciliation through self government that allows us the ability to be self reliant, develop and implement our own laws, make informed decisions for our members and ensure the sustainability of our culture and our community.